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June 2014 Newsletter

Our 20th Season? The CPDSA began it’s 20th season this year, which should be cause for celebration among the skaters who practice their art at the Skate Circle. We have survived, thrived, and continued a long tradition of skating in Central Park. Skaters have inhabited this corner of the Park in many guises for more […]

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October 2013 Newsletter

Still Skating! Two thirds of our season has rolled by in a flash. As we enter the last two months of skating at the Skate Circle we can look back and review what went well and what can be improved. One thing that has gone well is the support of our organization by our membership; […]

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July 2013 Newsletter

HAPPY 18th, CPDSA! The 4th of July; barbecues, fireworks, summer heat and the Central Park Dance Skaters Association’s Birthday party: The USA celebrates independence and freedom from the rule of a British King and the CPDSA celebrates our freedom from the rule of a controlling mayor. We have come a long way from the 4th […]

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June 2013 Newsletter

REBIRTH This year the Central Park Dance Skaters Association is redirecting and rededicating our energy to reflect our original goal of bringing a free roller skating event to Central Park every possible weekend day from April through October. Our whole reason for being is our desire to roller skate in the park. This became more important […]

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