2022 Elections List and Statements

Elections will be held ONLINE all day on October 15, 2022 from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.

You must be a 2022 member of the CPDSA to be able to vote. 2022 Members will receive an email on October 14, 2022 containing voting instructions.

2022 Member registration is closed as of October 11, 2022.


NOTE:  Candidates are listed in alphabetical order within the type of position they seek.

President Lynna Davis
Robert Scott
Vice President Ida Dupont
Sergeant At Arms Gary Bowler
Director Chris Burchsted
Tyrone Cloud
Edna Davoll
Bob Nichols
Robin Ostrow
Richard Spivack
Thomas Wightman


President Candidates


Skating, the Skate Circle, and the CPDSA legacy are most important to me. 

Since its inception, I’ve always served the CPDSA. I’ve worked side-by-side with the CPDSA president, first with Lezly Ziering then with Bob Nichols, and for the last 7 years, I’ve served as Vice President. As Bob is stepping down, I believe I am the best candidate for the office of President.

Bob often says: “Lynna, you are the face of CPDSA.” Yes, over the years, besides giving countless interviews to the press about the CPDSA, I’ve moved a great deal of benches and set up the Skate Circle many times by myself. I took equipment from and to storage, cleaned the storage room, and charged batteries in my apartment. I have been the main event planner for the Circle, from weddings to memorials, birthday parties, holiday parties, and other special occasions. I’ve rolled up my sleeves to set up tables and decorations and worked hard to reach out to the Roller-Skating community.

I want to keep skating alive. I have given Skate parties when all rinks had closed. When Lezly opened the skating event Crazy Legs at the Salvation Army in Brooklyn and asked me to come on board, I didn’t hesitate a minute to join him and promote the weekly event until it recently closed.

As a professional skater (I’ve been skating for 5 decades) and a SAG/AFTRA member, I’ve been featured in many videos, TV shows, films, magazine articles, and even history books on Roller Skating. I have worked as a casting director, consultant, and agent, showcasing many of our CPDSA DJs and Skaters, making sure they were compensated for their participation. I care a great deal about our community and always look for opportunities to promote skating.

As president of the CPDSA, my goal is to grow the organization to the next level, helping it become the best and most sought-after free Roller-Skating Party not only in New York, but in the USA and the entire world.

Let’s keep Rolling! 🛼🛼💝💯🎯


First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge the many years of work and dedication that Bob Nichols has given to this organization. His tireless efforts to ensure our everlasting presence in Central Park are very much appreciated.   

I am the owner and creator of Original Rollers Apparels. The Original Rollers tagline is “I am Skating… Skating isn’t what I do, Skating is what I am. I have been skating for 40-plus years, and over 20 of those years have been in skating in the Circle. From DJing to being a former VP and just skating, the CPDSA is part of who I am. 

It is said that Skating is having a resurgence, but for many of us, skating never went anywhere. However, we are experiencing a new generation of skaters who now share the love we always had for Skating. 

As President, my primary mission will be to move the CPDSA forwards and, at the same time, keep us grounded in who and what we are. We are a free and open organization for the community of Skaters. We are about bringing young, old, new, and seasoned skaters together to experience the joy of skating in a safe and welcoming space. I want to move the legacy that Bob, Lezly, and all of us have created into the future for generations to come.My experience in running and managing multiple businesses and my creativity are what I would bring to the CPDSA as President.

Vice President Candidate


I can’t remember a time when I didn’t roller skate. Where I grew up, kids would have skate parties or bowling parties. Needless to say, I chose skating! 

In my mid-20s, when I discovered the CPDSA, I knew I had found my home; full of skaters, all with their styles, not caring what anyone thought and who had no problem telling you to “shut up and skate!” I have skated in the Circle ever since.

Skating is experiencing a resurgence, but it has always been around. It has deep roots in NYC and around the country. Although legendary NYC skating rinks have shut down (our beloved Empire, Roxy, and Skate Key, to name a few), the CPDSA has made it through for over 40 years. Even Mayor Giuliani couldn’t shut us down!

As VP, I would bring all of us together- the OG’s and newer skaters who have caught the fever. I want not just to keep skating alive but to make it thrive. 

I have quite a bit of leadership experience at Pace University, where I teach, and at various non-profits, where I have directed various social justice programs and served on many boards. My work style is creative, collaborative, and focused. As VP, I would bring my experience, commitment, and deep love of skating to this position. 

Sergeant At Arms Candidate


I am running to continue the role of Sergeant at Arms for the CPDSA meetings. My goal is to improve on the following responsibilities:

  1. Be constantly on the alert to prevent any occurrence that might detract from the dignity and prestige associated with CPDSA
  2. To handle the electronic preparations for, and the logistical arrangements of hosting a Zoom meeting
  3. To guide the general conduct of members and guests at the meeting
  4. Play an important role in overall following and maintaining a schedule of agenda items and activities to provide for a pleasant and successful meeting
  5. Allow the President to conduct the meeting with confidence and a rule of order
  6. Assisting members and guests to have a positive and enjoyable experience with the CPDSA meeting

I believe I am qualified for this role because of my many years of managerial experience that required the above-listed responsibilities. Enforcing any of the above items will continue to be done with consideration and care. It’s important that no meeting attendees feel isolated or singled out for any reason. Being firm in a kind way is also desirable.

Thank you for your consideration.

Director Candidates


My experience as Chief Engineer with CPDSA operations over the past 8 years and my technical background proved to be valuable to the organization. I would be delighted to continue to serve on the CPDSA as one of its directors as I believe I can make helpful contributions in the coming year and beyond.


I was skating in the park long before the CPDSA was created. I love the place and the people. For years, I’ve been working on keeping dance skating to music alive, volunteering at the Skate Circle so we can all enjoy a wonderful, free skating experience. I would like to continue serving on the CPDSA Board of Directors so please consider my candidacy. Thank you!


I currently serve on the Board of Directors of CPDSA as Chairman of the Membership Committee.  As a dedicated team member, I seek a position to serve with the future elected officers as a Non-Officer Board Members to share my experience, continue to accomplish the current and future goals of CPDSA; including managing and directing the policies and procedures; serve on subcommittees on everything from social media, music, communications, membership, equipment, grounds, etc. 


  • An avid roller skater for over 50 years
  • Volunteered to take minutes at previous Board of Directors meetings
  • Attended CPDSA meetings with Central Park Conservancy and Park Department Police Officers
  • Communicated with organizations in the community regarding storage
  • Utilized opportunity to seek help from NY City Agency; accompanied CPDSA President to a community event via invitation from NYC Official
  • Organized and implemented procedures to fulfill NYC safety COVID guidelines
  • Reviewed CPDSA insurance policy and was successful in providing a safer environment for roller skaters, hustle dancers, and flow artists
  • Assisted in organizing and filing documents and familiarized with procedures to process Special Permits
  • I encouraged the general roller-skating community to become volunteers and was successful in getting several dedicated volunteers
  • In anticipation to raise funds by sponsoring events: contacted several venues to obtain prices, dates, accommodations, and amenities


I will be stepping down from the Presidency of the CPDSA at the end of this season. I hope to remain a member of the Board of Directors, in order to ease the transition to the next administration. In the 27 years since I helped to form the organization in 1995, I have held every officer’s position except Sergeant at arms. I have key knowledge of the operation of the group and the institutional memory of the workings of our 501-c-3 non-profit corporation. I hope to pass along that knowledge and help the organization and the Skate Circle continue rolling into the future.

I started skating on the broad sidewalks of Highland Boulevard in Brooklyn at age 6. I later took up skating at the Metropolis rink in Manhattan in 1980 and have continued dance skating ever since. I hope to continue skating as long as I am physically able.


As a member of the CPDSA Board of Directors for many years, I submit my bid to run for a position as board member for the 2022 election. A skater for 45 years, I’ve participated in many skate-related events and worked with Bob Nichols to set up the Skate Circle every weekend during the skate season. If elected, I will continue to work to support the safety and well-being of our dedicated skate group.


My friends call me “Richie” and some of my skating friends call me “Daddio.” I have been roller dancing for about forty years. I was skating at the Skate Circle before the CPDSA was established and I’ve been a dues-paying member since its inception. I have been serving as an advisor and an ad-hoc board member for the last several years.

I am a practicing attorney, husband, father, grandfather, and friend, and over the years, I have been a confidant to many dance skaters. I would like to continue to serve the interests of our skating community, so please, vote for me. Thank you and keep on rolling!


I intend to seek to be elected as a non-officer director of the board. I am young and ready to take on more of a leadership role within the organization. I will bring passion and energy to serve the community as I have come to deeply love and cherish how special it is to skate with Central Park’s finest.